Interesting Metaverse

1. Second Life

2. Decentraland

3. Roblox

4. The Sandbox

5. VRChat
6. Somnium Space


8. Entropia Universe

9. Kaneva

10. Rec Room

1. Second Life : Second Life is a metaverse focused on creating a social network. Users can create their own character (avatar) and build and live in the world of Second Life using virtual reality. Users can conduct business, buy-sell, create and participate in Second Life activities. Life, which is popular in many countries and has a large number of users.


2. Decentraland :  Decentraland is a metaverse that uses blockchain technology to manage. Users can create and control their own worlds in Decentraland through the use of MANA, the blockchain currency, and users can create and sell territories, build and live in Decentraland worlds, and can do business, run activities, create and participate in games and activities in Decentraland safely and without authority.


3. Roblox : Roblox is a platform for creating and playing online games. Users can create and share their own games, join other people's games. And join in the fun with other players online. Roblox allows billions of users to play a role in creating and creating games, and the constant development of Roblox is effective in improving their lives and playing online games. A shared and connected world.


4. The Sandbox :


5. VRChat : VRChat is a Virtual Reality platform for connecting and playing with other players in a shared 3D world. Users can join a community and have fun with other players online, building and developing attractions in a 3D world. , share game experiences, and chat with other users. VRChat also allows users using VR devices to have a more authentic VR experience.


Other coming soon.